Don’t Get Scammed with SEO!

Don’t get scammed with SEO! I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard, “I have tried SEO, it didn’t work. I paid a company a lot of money for a year and couldn’t see any results.”
The sad thing is that SEO can complete change a business if done right, but many of companies claiming to do SEO don’t know how to do it! So, they charge their “clients” a monthly marketing charge and set up an app on the website or do a few posts. Most of these companies do not even provide any reports or updates showing progress! It’s really unfortunate to see so many people taken advantage of, sometimes its not even intentional, sometimes the “SEO company” thinks they are doing SEO and they aren’t. If you have paid someone for SEO or are still paying for SEO, but not seeing results, contact me. I will take a look at your online positioning and let you know if they are truly performing SEO.